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How Our Strap Sizes Work

Our belt straps are sized based on the distance in inches from the end of the belt (not including the buckle) to the middle hole.  

Sizing Your Strap Is Simple

Take a belt that fits you and measure from the fold at the end (not including the buckle) to the best fitting hole - that's the size you need! 


Tips on Selecting Your Right Size
  • Using the middle hole out of the 6-7 holes should allow extra length for the strap end to fit through pant loop

  • Straps will measure from end to end another 6" longer than the middle hole measurement. Example: a 34" belt strap measures 34" from the end to the middle hole, and 40" end to end.

  • If your measurement is an odd number, round up to the nearest even number. 

  • Consider how much additional length/width you will get from your buckle. Our handmade buckles are 3.5" wide compared to a simple prong buckle which tends to be 1.5".  This too will add length to the overall belt, which may help you decide on the perfect size if you are in-between even numbers. 

How to Change Your Buckle

All our straps have snaps that allow you to easily add a belt buckle,

and change it out for a new buckle design anytime.


Simply pop open the snaps, insert the buckle arm into the fold, close snaps.


You can also use our belt buckles with any belt strap with snaps.

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